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This show is my heart. My best friend and brother Mike Cannon, comedian, co-hosts - the rest is history. I have never had so much fun in my life!

Mike and Tim Visit Earth Available on iTunes, Soundcloud and soon everywhere including your bloodstream!


Mike Cannon, co-host - The Comedian. Genuine. A heart as wide as the ocean. Humanitarian. Philosopher. Friend. Voice of the people.

Tim Rothschild, co-host - The Magician. Heart breaker. Explorer, adventurer, and philosopher. Has the gift of cosmic awareness. Healer.

Jessica Cannon, producer: Magical. Precise. Wielding the sword of truth, her word is unstoppable and her song, impossible.

DJ Gina Turner: engineer:  High Priestess. Vehicle for Christ Consciousness level support. Devastating power of will.

Here's the link below   :)