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THE THIRD THING NETWORK. The human design is extraordinary. Your potential is limitless. Study the Self and know your place within the web of creation. Discover your superpowers. Embrace true freedom and follow your joy.

Tim's Story

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I never set out to become a healer. Really, what I was doing was asking questions to discover why I did not feel truly fulfilled in my life. Along the way, I met some amazing people who taught me about consciousness, the nature of reality, and the wonder and magic of being alive. They taught me that the universe is designed to heal - as individual beings, everything we do is an attempt to heal - and that the human design is extraordinary. Throughout my personal healing journey, I began to live into exactly what they meant, and was compelled to share this with the world. At the moment I write this, I cannot believe the quality of life I am experiencing! It is as if I am waking up from a trance state, allowing more reality to open up to me everyday.

This is why I offer healing sessions to whoever desires this sort of experience. It is why I host radio shows exploring consciousness and healing work. And it is also why I have created The Third Thing Network - a platform designed to create a safe space for two or more things that normally would not go together, revealing a third thing greater than the sum of its parts. Many of the compartmentalized structures we have in place around the world need a force to blast it open and transform it into something more whole, or perhaps a soft touch and a new relationship to be found. Either way, the universe is designed to heal - we just have to let it!

Right now we are experiencing a lot of success by doing this through The Divine Movement. DJ Gina Turner and The Third Thing Network are changing the way events are being done by combining live music, yoga, meditation, talks, esoteric sciences such as numerology and the tarot, massage, healings and workshops in a welcoming space. This new approach creates support systems to strengthen the mind, body and spirit before during and after the party. The energy created must be experienced to be believed!

I believe this sort of integration, born from Nondual consciousness and finding “the third thing" - will be THE spiritual teaching of our lifetimes. I am determined to bring these teachings into the world and am constantly standing in awe of its transformative qualities. So we create support systems that allow more life to flow in and heal - we do this through radio shows, comedy shows, one on one healing sessions, small and large events through The Divine Movement concept, retreats with the Divine Evolution concept, paranormal exploration and a news program that analyzes todays news through a non-material perspective. Eventually, we will open up schools for healing and higher consciousness - designed to nurture compassion in action, which co-arises with healing and awakening work.


Founder of The Third Thing Network and Co-Founder of The Divine Movement, Tim Rothschild is an explorer, dedicating his life to healing and awakening work. His focus remains within the realm of conflict resolution, map-making, as well as truth and reconciliation with what it means to be Human. As a Nondual Kabbalistic Healer, philosopher, numerologist, broadcaster and writer, Tim has ventured through the paranormal, conspiratorial, and mystical realms only to begin to understand what it means to awaken to our true nature, and live it within the Great Mystery. The core of his healing work revolves around integration of a Nondual approach to the Kabbalistic Tree Of Life as well as the Kabbalistic Universes of Consciousness, allowing the individual to come into relationship with reality as it is. The integration of this particular healing and awakening work opens the door for more possibility and potential to unfold holographically, that is, everywhere and in everything. He is a graduate of A Society of Souls, and continues this work through Advanced Studies Groups, as well as Impersonal Movement 1 and 2. He is a practitioner of the MAGI process and an apprentice in the 4 year ASOS class in Dubai. He is co-host of The Divine Movement Podcast, as well as various other programs. His websites are, and