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RealMan is a podcast with a mission of redefining what it means to be a “real man” in our society today. Our goal is to inspire men to live authentic, self-expressed and purposeful lives.

Mass shootings, terrorism, #MeToo, the disenfranchisement and fear that led to the Presidential debacle in Washington. In every act of hatred, harassment and ignorance there is a man repressing some unsaid and unexpressed sadness, anger or fear. It’s clear that we need a paradigm shift in how we as men relate to ourselves, each other and our communities.

This is a podcast for anyone who has ever wanted to break away from the pack. For anyone that has struggled with the voice in their head telling them they aren’t good enough to follow their dreams. For any men that have struggled with living up to the James Bond-like successful, alpha, mysterious male archetype perpetuated by our media. For any man who respects women, minorities and our planet but struggles to find the words or the courage to confront those in their communities who do not. This podcast is for any women that want to understand men and the struggles and pressure we face every day. For any women that want to support their brothers, husbands, friends and sons in leading and living from their hearts.