We are the support system for the upgraded Human. For the New Earth. For this evolutionary jump in consciousness that must take place if our species is to survive. We have a vast network of seers, mystics, scientists, politicians, business men and women, and healers who have already integrated the consciousness necessary to make this happen. Our seeds are being planted into each collective of consciousness around the globe, and it is working.

In supporting this shift in consciousness, we are supported. This is what reality desires, so we meet it. Step by step, allowing our path to unfold before us. Trusting, always trusting. 

As we come together, this is where the magic reveals itself and light pours through our hearts and into creation.

"Where two or more are gathered, there I am." - This is The Third Thing, greater and unpredictable from the sum of its parts.

We are the seeds, dwelling in the mystery, with healing and awakening through nonduality.

The singularity is near, and it is you, waking up to reality just as it is.

Join us.