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Healing work

My God is a nondual state of consciousness - it includes and is not in opposition to anything. This is the evolutionary jump in consciousness humanity must make, one individual being at a time. I would LOVE to welcome you to these worlds...


I did not set out to become a healer. I was chasing something. A nagging feeling that there was more to life. I quit everything. I started exploring. Conspiracy first. I wanted to know why I did not feel free. I went deeper. I found myself exploring consciousness itself. I realized that if there is one major conspiracy it is a conspiracy of consciousness and in order to see clearly, I had a lot of personal work to do on myself. In exploring consciousness, I found that healing work was the only way I could cleanse my doors of perception. It was the only way I could be in relationship with reality just as it is. And spiritual healing is the deepest healing there is - so that is where I work - in the factory where consciousness is expressed. 


I am a Nondual Kabbalistic Healer. The Kabbalists go DEEP into the nature of reality. My teacher is brilliant. She has demonstrated to me that the human design is extraordinary - consistently blowing my rational mind to pieces with her "superhuman" abilities (I have come to understand these abilities are available to everyone, relatively speaking). She has taken me under her supervision over the past few years - guiding me through the awakening process. I never could have imagined a life like this. So much beauty, magic and ALIVENESS. This is what I want to share with you. At its core, our diagnostic process unfolds in relationship to the the tree of life as well as the Kabbalistic Universes of Consciousness - offering support in whatever form deemed necessary. Healings can be purchase in the shop. Distance does not matter, we can connect over phone, Skype, or whatever platform works best.


I personally receive two of these healings per week to support my journey. I am in New York, my healers are in Montana and North Carolina. Through this work I have come to love them both dearly.


My teacher, Brenda Carter Blessings can be found at The school I attend also has a website: - I cannot recommend it highly enough, but I do offer a warning - nothing will ever be the same again - so get ready for the ride of your life. Also,