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THE THIRD THING NETWORK. The human design is extraordinary. Your potential is limitless. Study the Self and know your place within the web of creation. Discover your superpowers. Embrace true freedom and follow your joy.

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Come find out what it takes to create support systems that promote healing and freedom on an individual and global level.

Please contact Tim Rothschild by email at "" for more information...


Corruption is dying. It is time for the visionaries to take their place at the table...

“We are drowning in information, while starving  for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely.”

— E. O. Wilson (1929– ), American Biologist


It seems to me that the human experiment is coming to a head - giving birth to a radical transformation, offering an amazing opportunity for exponential soul growth...

There is a wave of consciousness coming that some say may never be available again - at the very least, for thousands of years  - CAN YOU FEEL IT? Grab your board and let's ride this wave together! 


SOOOOO...I have decided to post the original internship introductory email below. A lot of shifts have already occurred since the beginning of Summer 2016, but we could still use some support from anyone willing and able! Check it out and if anything strikes you, reach out on the contact page.




Hi Everyone!

Tim here.

First, A BIG THANK YOU for expressing interest in The Third Thing Network’s internship program for the Summer of 2016 and beyond!


I am determined to finalize what we need for the internships as soon as possible BUT CANNOT FIND THE TIME - which is EXACTLY why I need this to start sooner than later. For now, this email will serve as the starting point.


You all know me through my shows, so there is no need for an introduction - I will tell you what you need to know.


WE ARE EXPERIENCING AN UNPRECEDENTED AMOUNT OF GROWTH and I am holding onto the seat of my pants as I type this. We have a strong need for support and are willing to do whatever it takes to make this internship program valuable for us all. The goal here is to find a mutually beneficial, co-creative space through which we can all truly allow The Third Thing to reveal itself. The Third Thing, as some of you may know, is greater than the sum of its parts. This program is specifically designed to align itself on the side of LIFE - on the side of the creative forces of the universe - allowing anything to occur within the guidelines of our mission: to create support systems that promote healing and freedom on an individual and global level. In my humble opinion, The Third Thing teachings will be THE teachings of the new millenium and a key component to the mass awakening taking place. Support systems MUST be in place to allow for these teachings to integrate into the collective once shatterings take place on a larger scale. Hopefully this is a smooth process but you never know. More on that later...


A few interns have already started with the understanding that once we have the non-profit and/or business ends launched (legally) this summer they will have those hours already logged for whatever they need credit for, etc. Some interns don't need college credit and we are instead meeting in a more organic way. Let me know if you fall under this category and we will find a mutually beneficial relationship.


For now, we have a multi-tiered approach to what we are bringing into the world. A unified front under The Third Thing Network consisting of  many moving parts.


This will include but is not limited to several shows:


DITRH (Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole podcast out of Stand Up Ny Labs), The Cosmic Perspective podcast (we are moving away from and are now under The Third Thing Network), Cosmic Perspective News podcast (with my partner William Kern of, and soon we will be doing something with DJ Gina Turner and The Divine Movement.



Regarding the shows:


DITRH needs to grow NOW.

The Cosmic Perspective needs to re-launch under The Third Thing Network ASAP - this means website built and social media push on all platforms. We have two shows ready to be released, one with Zach Leary and another I am VERY EXCITED to release with Zen Gardner.

Cosmic Perspective News is in the process of exploring VR Technology and is also ready to re-launch. To do this, more than anything we need help with someone who is competent working with WORDPRESS. Anyone? If not, anyone willing to learn?


For each show, we will need support with the following:

Social media - Instagram, Soundcloud, iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, YouNow, Periscope, Snapchat…

Events/Event Planning/Live shows, etc.

Website management and building

Creative stuff like on the street interviews - WHATEVER YOU THINK UP to add to the shows, websites, social media, marketing, etc.



Research Support - especially for DITRH, I need someone who is HUNGRY to research topics of interest regarding conspiracy, spirituality, consciousness, and anything of value regarding healing, freedom, liberty and the evolution of consciousness. I do not have the time to compile facts for shows like I used to and need someone who is ready and willing to do the hard work of putting this sort of stuff together. This more than anything will be a learning process and I will personally train you.

Help acquiring guests, etc.

Participation with shows and social media - you may be used as a personality or anything we think of WITH YOUR PERMISSION.


Blogs for each show, using DITRH as the example:



Blogs (weekly/twice a week minimum)

We can use blogs to entertain our listeners, increase chances of shareability, and focus on topics that could cause Virality for the show. The blogs can live on the website. A new DITRH.SHOW website is being built as I type this. It will also live on the Facebook page.

  • Topics will relate to each host
  • Dave – Conspiracy, The Big Three, Flat Earth, etc.
  • Tim – Spirituality/The Third Thing/Yoga/Mysticism/Magic, Consciousness, Spirit Science,etc.
  • Mike – Comedy, Conspiracy and Spirituality/Consciousness 



Coming up with quiz ideas and other multimedia stuff that is sharable and will get people talking.  This can be something like an info-graphic, gallery, etc. 

  • 10 Photos that prove the earth is flat
    How to see your aura and what this means, etc.
    We will use XXXXXXXXXXX  and XXXXXXXXXXX as the templates for what this will look like.



Use social media and consistency to reach other influencers and bloggers touching on the same subject. 

  • Find blogs with good following and similar content
  • Get shared
  • Reach out to potential guests/well known people for support


They have a similar group of fans

  • We would need to come up with quirky content to have on this page
  • Ideas need to be made for what people get based on what they are pledging to the show (shirts, exclusive audio content, shoutouts, etc.)
  • This needs to start getting promoted everywhere; on the show, on social media, etc. etc. 

    SO - with all of that said, hopefully you get the point and this introductory email has done its job. Now, please tell me what YOU are interested in based on what you have read, what questions you have, and what I can do for you!

    This internship is monetarily UNPAID.
    As we grow, the internship program will absolutely open up to paid opportunities but this completely depends on how well we do.
    There is no need to be in NY - the majority of this can be done online and whenever is convenient for you. As we grow, some interns will be asked to come along on trips for events around the world. Some interns are already doing this with us for The Divine Movement.
    This is a co-creative and mutually beneficial process. It is dynamic and ever-evolving. We are riding a wave.
    What can you offer creatively? Anything I haven’t thought of? We are open to ANYTHING.
    You can focus/specialize in one area or mix and match.

    Will need a written commitment from you. This agreement will also be co-creative so I am not looking to handcuff anyone - I just need a solid commitment and a written agreement seems to be the way. I will have this out to you after we decide how to move forward based on your unique situation.
    And finally, my deepest and sincerest gratitude to all of you who have expressed interest in contributing to my dream and mission. It is my promise to you that I will do whatever it takes to hold up my end of the bargain and more. It is an honor to have this opportunity to offer the internship program to you and it brings tears to my eyes to know some of us are about to embark on a wonderful adventure, bringing a lot of good into the world. I eagerly await all of your responses!


                  Love to you all! 

                  Tim Rothschild

                  Founder, The Third Thing Network

                  Co-Founder, The Divine Movement