The Third Thing Network
THE THIRD THING NETWORK. The human design is extraordinary. Your potential is limitless. Study the Self and know your place within the web of creation. Discover your superpowers. Embrace true freedom and follow your joy.


The Human Design is special.

Somehow, in your development, your Soul has finally achieved a level through which it is able to work with the Human Design Avatar. This is a special design the universe has to play with in order to understand and express itself. The Human Design enables the consciousness behind the avatar to become self-aware, and therefore - be given freedom of choice and the same creative powers of what some call God.

This also means that we have created the situation we currently find ourselves in. Regardless of how you feel about it, knowing how the universe works and your place within it will undoubtedly kickstart the very personal process of freedom.

There are many fascinating lenses through which we can explore the Human Design - each adding a little more resolution to what we see in the Hologram of reality.

This is why The Kabbalah is the first study: the study of the Self.

"Know thyself."

You ARE the holographic projection of the universe.


"I cannot prove to you that God exists, but my work has proved empirically that the patten of God exists in every man and that this pattern in the individual has at its disposal the greatest transforming energies of which life is capable. Find this pattern in your own individual self and life is transformed."   -Carl Jung